• A New Secret Article cont’d

    A New Secret Message Delivery System

    Your objective is to get the people who make decisions to hear and respond to your message. One of the greatest challenges is that they not only deal with your business but they may be dealing with a competitor and several other businesses who are vying to make a sale. Add into this that messaging has now become not only instant but all so highly truncated. Twitter allows 140 characters and there are literally millions of people sending 140 character messages to millions of other people on a daily basis. The biggest challenge of all is breaking through all of the clutter and having a meaningful message heard and responded to.

    There are couple of different approaches to this, one being ever greater hype. Hype comes in several forms with the most common and ubiquitous being a message of fear. Examples are, “Buy my product today or you will be missing out,” and one of the time-tested of all messages, “For a limited time only, by this right now or the price will go up.” There are of course other examples of hype, these seem to be what many marketers believe will be effective at this time. One approach to having a meaningful message heard and responded to that is highly effective and being overlooked is, “the simple understatement.” This quiet and calm approach is still an assertion of the benefits of the product or service and it is without all of the flashing, highlighted, boldface, multiple exclamation marks and other typesetting tricks. There are considerable number of marketers who have adopted this approach and are seeing a very positive response. This approach is not a simple statement of fact, facts are usually features an appeal to logic. This approach is a statement of benefits in a in a more personalized fashion as if having a discussion one-on-one with the person to whom you’re messages directed.

    A cogent question is, are the days of hype numbered? And the answer is of course, certainly not. There are many marketers who still rely on hype type tricks to deliver a message. The question is whether or not the message is being received and then being acted upon in the way in which the marketer would judge successful?

    The primary gain of marketers who are using this “understated” method is of course the most valuable coin of the realm, credibility. When customers are asked why spend their money with a certain business one of the top three reasons is the credibility of the message of this business. That credibility is not always the same as customer service. That credibility does translate into positive “word-of-mouth” messages for the marketer or the business who has gained this high level of credibility. The other piece of credibility behind these messages is that this business, “Always delivers on what they say they’re going to do.”

    The takeaway from this is that businesses are now competing with up to 15,000 messages being delivered to their possible customers. And one of the new and effective means of delivering the message and having it acted on is a heartfelt, non-hype, slightly understated message of the benefits that you will deliver to your customer