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    7 Marketing Tips Recession Proof

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    Obvious and simple work in advertising. This is a case study about an ad campaign that returned 10 times the initial cost. There are also 7 Marketing Tips you can use, right now, to begin Recession Proofing your business. Some ads have flashy million dollar graphics, and award winning music but will that mop really clean up the mess on my floor? The new message is one that is simple and obvious and it tells you, “What’s in it for me?”

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    3 Proven Ways To Recession Proof Your Internet Business Starting Today by Joseph Ratliff

    Times are tough right now, no question.

    But if you’re worried about your internet business, or the money-making opportunity behind that business failing…who else is going to pick up the slack?

    No one.

    Since that is true, are you and your internet business going to wither away and die in this recession’s carnage? Or are you going to do what multi-millionaires do…which is what everyone else isn’t doing.

    I already know my choice…and I am doing quite well myself…here’s 3 proven ways to make sure your internet business doesn’t die by the roadside:

    1) It’s about the people, people.

    It’s easy to lose focus on the real reason you have an internet business in the first place, people. Someone invests in your product or service, right? Honestly, Google doesn’t care about your customers…it only cares about it’s customers…so why write and sell for big G alone?

    Then, there’s backlinks, SEO, traffic, and all of the other technical stuff to focus on. Problem is, if you’re writing to watch your keyword density, and not writing to engage your audience…you’ll lose them.

    Social media is also starting to take hold as the internet breaks from its infancy. If you don’t have a blog, start one now. Blogs are beginning to become the top method of engagement for the buying public because of their content (minus the garbage blogs out there of course).

    For your business, start a video blog, and brand a weekly “TV show” offering tips and strategies that will help your audience. These videos become viral…and increase traffic via the people…not the search engines. Then, you can start to bust free from Google prison.

    Using the social media effectively to market your internet business isn’t about backlinks and SEO, it’s about being social (go figure). That means it’s about the people, people.

    On to number 2…

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    A New Secret Message Delivery System

    In 1994 research projects found that the number of commercial messages that the average consumer received were approximately 3,000 per day. This was prior to the explosion of the internet. Today the estimates are that consumers are bombarded with anywhere from 9,000 to 15,000 commercial messages per day. These messages include everything from flashing banners on an internet site, to pictures on T-shirts. Logos are ubiquitous and even the staid conservative world of golf now has participants who look like NASCAR drivers. Decision-makers are bombarded with even more messages in the form of postcards, e-mail, voice mail, and Blackberry messages. Many marketing people rightly believe that messaging is almost out of control.

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