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    First: Yes, that’s his photograph. You deserve to see who you’re working with.

    Tony Marino has helped 1,473 business owners get more customers, build a stronger and better image for their business and make more money. He has studied more about marketing than a teenager studies the opposite sex.

    He really loves figuring out why people make decisions about what they buy or who they do business with and he’s figured enough of it out than he can helps other people like you and their business. He’s absolutely driven by making other people, and their business successful.

    He’s a prolific writer, and has written a lot of articles about marketing, communication, messages, and motivating people to do business with other people.

    He’s all about getting results for the smallest amount of investment. And yes, it’s an investment in this regard: If you spend $2,500 on marketing and you make $5,000 back, it was a very good investment. Those dollar numbers are just an illustration, but he’s done that and even better with some of his clients.

    He’s got a very dry sense of humor, likes satire and irony. He absolutely loves that the heroic and wonderful founders of this great country were Revolutionaries.

    Oh yeah, he’s been working in Marketing for over 30 years. He was a TV News Director and Investigative Reporter. He went to Law School and before that he was a Police Officer. He was a Marine, went to Viet Nam and got a medal and a Combat V for Valor.

    We have clients in Great Britain, Scotland, Ohio, Colorado, Arizona, California and Hawaii. We do some Pro Bono work for journalists in Bosnia, Russia and other journalism emerging areas. We love  and support hard news reporters.