• 1 Step…More Sales

    Have you contacted past clients?

    3 True stories:

    1) Karl owns a print business. He does not have a store front because he prints large quantities of one or two color projects. His specialty is forms and envelopes that a business needs right away and in a large quantity. When the recession hit Karl’s business got hurt quite badly. Fortunately Karl had kept the contact information of every client he’d ever worked with. This included about 1,400 email addresses. Karl was quite adamant that he was not and could not call all of the people on this list. We developed a series of 12 emails. Each of these emails had a helpful tip, trick or some educational material. None of the emails had a direct “pitch, special offer or sales offer.” All of the emails did stress how other businesses were using printing to not only get past this recession but to make more money and be more profitable. Karl did over $220,000 in one month from contact past clients with helpful information. Several clients called him and said, “We’d forgotten how good your prices are and what a good job you do.”

    2) Vanessa is a Realtor in Colorado. Right from the beginning she knew that staying in touch with past clients was good business. Because she had always used a printed newsletter and had written thank you notes she needed some help getting her list put together. After her list was updated we re-built her web page with her most recent listings. This included great photographs and even a video “walk through” of some really nice houses. In her emails and on her special web pages she wrote, “You’re probably very happy in your home and I want to say again how happy I am to have helped you. You might know someone who is looking for a fantastic deal in these troubling times and that is exactly what these houses are, they are great buys. If you know someone who would like to upgrade or get a really good deal please forward this page on to them. I will be very grateful to you’ll be helping someone you know.” Vanessa made 2 sales and got 2 listings from this effort.

    3) Angela owns a very special pet food store. She competes with the “Big Box” businesses as well as several local businesses. It isn’t much competition though. Angela loves what she does and she loves animals and wants to know that they are being well taken care of and getting healthy food. Angela was already sending out one email a week to her clients and past clients. We brainstormed and came up with the “Cute Pet Photo of the Week Contest.” “Take a photo with your cell phone, your digital camera or whatever and send it to us. We will put up all the photo’s we get that week. You all get to vote on these photos and we will ask the students at local schools to vote. The winner gets some wonderful prizes.” Angela got over 10,000 hits on her website, there were over 50 photos per month in the contest and she donated some really great stuff to the elementary school classes that participated in this effort. She sold over $59,000 worth of pet food and products more than the year before, during this “worst recession in modern history.”

    Contact your past clients, use the internet and make it work for you and for your business.